My name is Gaurang Bhatia. I have a keen interest in technology from a very young age. Every year, tons of new gadgets are launched in the market. I believe that in this rapidly changing world, digital literacy is very important.

My main purpose of creating this website is to help other people like me who browse all over the internet before purchasing a product. There are many posts on this website comparing different products available in the market, to help the readers in making a rational decision.

I have had an interest in gaming since I was a child. I have been playing video games on my PC since I was 9 years old, and got my first gaming console at the age of 12. While growing up, my interest in gaming only elevated. Even today, I play plenty of video games on my PC, gaming console and of course, my smartphone.

Technotrox is a website created to share news about all the latest gadgets launched in the market. The site is regularly updated according to the latest trends in the technology market. One can find information about smartphones, laptops and many other electronics on this website. A separate space is dedicated to Gaming, under which one can find about the latest developments in the gaming market.

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