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Best Gaming Accessories

Hey! In this post I will be talking about the Best Gaming Gadgets a PC gamer can have for the best gameplay. I will only be talking about the external peripheral devices in this post and not about the CPU components like graphics card and processor. For decent gameplay, your PC specifications should be top notch.

Every year, tons of gaming gadgets are launched in the market like gaming headphones, mic, keyboard, mouses, etc. In this post, I will enlist my personal favorite Gaming gadgets for PC which I have been using for gaming.

Here is the list of the Best Gaming Gadgets for PC:

1. Gaming Mouse

Having a good gaming mouse is the key to victory, especially in games like Counter-Strike and Battlefield. There are plenty of gaming mouses to choose from in the market. However, you must consider the following factors before purchasing one.

Size of the Mouse: Mouses are available in different dimensions in the market. You should purchase the one which you are comfortable with. 

DPI: DPI stands for Dots per Inch. DPI indicates how fast the mouse will move in the monitor when you actually move it. In general, higher DPI is considered good for gaming. 

Optical vs Laser: These are the two types of mice you can get in the market. I would suggest to go for a Laser mouse as it is faster and offers a higher DPI which is very important in gaming.

Wired vs Wireless: You can go for either a wired mouse or a wireless mouse. Wireless mouse is more convenient to use but I would not recommend it since a good wireless mouse is quite expensive. Plus, wired mouses are always better and more durable than wireless ones. While gaming, you don’t have to be worried about draining out of battery. 

Gaming Mouse

2. Gaming Keyboard

Fancy gaming keyboards are launched every now and then. However, you must know how to choose the keyboard which suits your gaming requirements. You can consider these pointers before purchasing a gaming keyboard.

Size of the Keyboard: Keyboards come in all sizes. A full-size keyboard is one which has Number Pad and Function keys on it. I would suggest you to purchase a full-size one since the number pad can be quite useful in some games. 

Membrane vs Mechanical: Mechanical keyboards are noisier compared to a membrane keyboard. However, they are more durable and precise for gaming. If you hate the sound of keystroking, then you should probably not go for a mechanical keyboard.

Backlit: Having a backlit keyboard has nothing to do with your gameplay but it sure is appealing to the eye. 

Dedicated Gaming Keys: Some Gaming Keyboards have keys which you can assign for a specific function. For example, you can assign a particular key on a keyboard to do a particular thing in a game. These keys are not known as macros. 

Gaming Keyboard

3. Gamepad

Gamepad is one of the best Gaming Gadgets for PC. It replaces the need to have a gaming mouse and keyboard. If you want the gaming console like feel while playing on PC, then you should go for a gamepad. 

Gamepad or Controller comes in different designs. The two most prominent ones are the Xbox and PlayStation Controllers. Most of the other controllers also have more or less the same design or a design which is a hybrid of these two designs. Go for a design you are comfortable playing with. 

Gamepad is highly recommended for racing and RPG Games. You may not enjoy shooting games as much on a PC with a gamepad and a mouse and keyboard will probably be apter.

Best Gaming Gadgets

4. Gaming Headphones/Headset

Good Headphones are very important in modern gaming. In games like Counter-Strike and PUBG, good gaming headphones are needed to hear the footsteps of your opponents. Consider the following things before purchasing a pair.

Comfort: Comfort should be your priority while selecting a headphone. There are many good headphones with great cushioning available in the market. 

Wired vs Wireless: I would recommend wired headphones over wireless headphones due to faster sound transmission. Moreover, the audio quality of wired headphones is much better.

Lights: You can go for headphones with fancy lighting if you like. 

Mic: Headphones with a microphone are known as Headsets. Although a separate mic is better, you can also purchase a headset since it is more affordable and convenient. 

Best Gaming Gadgets
Gaming Headphones

5. Gaming Monitor

The display quality of your monitor is very crucial in gaming. The frequency with which picture on a monitor is refreshed is known as refresh rate. You can read more about refresh rate here. This is another factor which is very important for gamers. There are monitors with different types of displays like LED, IPS, etc. If you have a Nvidia Graphic card, then you should buy a monitor with Nvidia G-Synch technology. Another thing to look for in a monitor is the number of HDMI ports. 

I would suggest you buy a monitor with a decent display and not too big size. Buying a 48 inch LED Tv to play games is probably not the best idea. 

Gaming Monitor

In my opinion, these are the Best Gaming Gadgets every PC Gamer must have. Do let me know in the comments which other gaming accessories should be listed here. 

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